Near to Alcudia's marina area, with its seafood eateries, paella restaurants and friendly bars, Hotel Alcudia sits in the town's buzzing hub, close to the amazing sandy beach, which takes you all the way along the Bay of Alcudia.

Hotel Alcudia is set in the bustling destination of Alcudia. First originally built up by the Phoenicians, only to be followed by the Greeks and then the Romans moved in. The old civilisations certainly knew a stunning location when they discovered one. Alcudia is a destination to be coveted if you book up for Hotel Alcudia in Alcudia. With its an old town, a pretty harbour and a wonderful beach, it's an ideal town for an unwinding holiday in the sun. The resort is positioned on the north west side of Majorca and it offers some great choices for your annual holiday. If you stay at Hotel Alcudia in Alcudia you have the option to visit the stimulating narrow streets and Roman ruins and all the local shops and markets.

Hotel Alcudia is based in resort of Alcudia, set on the stunning Spanish Balearic island of Majorca. Majorca offers something to satisfy every holidaymaker be it non-stop partying in Magaluf, soaking up the sun in delightful family resorts, numerous stunning places to walk, cycling, shopping, sightseeing and culture in the cosmopolitan Majorcan capital of Palma. There is something for everyone in fabulous Majorca. For those who like to explore, we recommend car hire in Alcudia while staying at Hotel Alcudia for at least part of your holiday so that you can discover the stunning beauty of Majorca for yourself at your own pace.